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We offer keiki Karate classes for several age groups and young adult/adult Karate classes at our convenient location in upcountry Maui. Private training for women's self defense is also available.

Keiki Karate  (5 -13 years old)

Keiki will learn and build on their Karate practice through weekly classes (each group will meet two times a week).

Their Karate training will involve learning how to exercise correctly, use different kinds of strikes (punches, kicks, knees, etc.), katas (forms), one point sparring, and many other training methods. They will practice all of this as individuals and paired up with other students. 

Physical practice and training will teach keiki about their strength and abilities, but also teach them restraint. Through partner training, they will see what they are capable of doing and realize Karate is not for play, but for self defense.

As serious as Karate training is, it should also be fun. There will be time for games like tug of war, karate dodge ball, team races, etc.


At the end of class, we like to close with what we call an

"ohana circle." It allows the Sensei and the students to check in with each other and the day's progress or frustrations. 


Private training with Sensei Max is available upon request. We offer competition training and preparation, Karate MMA- based striking, as well as, private women's self defense classes in a one on one or group setting. Please, contact us for more information and scheduling options.

Young Adult/Adult Karate

(Ages 14 and up)

The young adult + adult mixed Karate class is great for beginners and experienced martial artists alike. We will focus on building strength, refining kihon (basic techniques), learning fighting applications, and expanding your martial arts knowledge.

The class consists of learning kihon and kata in a mature, controlled environment. Class will begin with physical exercise and stretching. We will  practice and master striking techniques (punches, kicks, knife hand, etc.), blocks, bunkai (forms) and run sparring drills and partner training.


You will quickly learn that there is no wasted movement in Karate - everything has a function, a flow, a purpose.


We will close with an "ohana circle" checking in with each other on the day's progress, set backs or frustrations. 

Women's Self Defense Private Training

One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling unsafe or unable to defend yourself.

Self defense is a daily practice - it is not a "course" or a seminar. For a technique to truly work, it must become reflex and that entails doing it over and over again against people of all sizes, which is what my private training will teach you to do.


My aim in the women's self defense private training will be to build awareness and confidence in your daily surroundings to help you avoid and escape unsafe or conflict situations. We will be studying and implementing a combination of martial arts and other techniques, as well as practicing striking and restraining movements. The training is very real, very direct and hands on. It will leave you feeling more confident in your daily routine. It is also a great workout! 

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