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Monthly Membership

The Dojo Maui offers a monthly membership which includes 2 weekly classes with the same group at $220 a month (plus GE tax). Please ask about our family rates. Payment methods include: cash, check, or Venmo @thedojomaui. You will receive a receipt via email. Monthly membership fees are due on or before the first class of every month.


Keiki I Ages 5-10

2:45pm - 3:45pm 

Monday and Wednesday

3:45pm - 4:45pm 

Tuesday and Thursday

Keiki II Ages 11-13

3:45pm - 4:45pm 

Monday and Wednesday

Adult Karate Ages 14 & up

4:45pm - 5:45pm 


Tuesday and Thursday 

Class policies

Monthly membership fees are due on or before the first class of every month. There is a $20 fee for late payments.


All Keiki classes will end 10 minutes prior to end time to prepare for the next class session. As a courtesy, please, notify us ahead of time of any student absences or at the latest by 1pm the day of class; absences will not be pro-rated. Membership may be frozen for one month  out of the year (4 consecutive weeks) for vacation, injuries etc. for a fee of $40. This will guarantee that your class spot is reserved until your return.

Please arrive on time, if not early, for all classes. Lateness will result in pushups! All pick-ups and drop offs will be at the front door of the Dojo. We must know and see who is picking up the child, if it is not a parent. No child is allowed to walk out on their own to a car.

Parking: Please be aware that there is a strict parking policy on the property. You are not allowed to wait in the parking lot while your child attends class. I understand, as a parent, how difficult this may be, but the parking lot is very limited in space and there will be other classes and drop-offs  going on at the same time. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Please arrive within the window between classes for pick up so we can prepare for the next group of students.


If you are more than 10 minutes late picking up your child, there is a $20 cash late fee. This is  done to encourage respect of the Dojo and of your fellow students. Certain allowances (due to road closures, accidents, emergencies etc.) will be accepted.


Since you are paying a monthly membership fee, there may be months with more classes than others depending on the yearly calendar. 

Sensei will be taking up to 4 weeks of vacation and 12 sick days a year,  if needed,  as well as federal and state holidays. Please note that while there will be no payment adjustment for personal time taken off, we will always try to find another instructor or senior student to cover classes. Makeup classes may also be offered at Sensei's discretion. 

White gi's (Karate uniform) are required for all Karate classes. A gi is required for class within a month of becoming a member. Gi's are available for purchase through The Dojo Maui. 

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